Case Ancus Autofocus Shockproof with Ring Holder για Samsung SM-A326B Galaxy A32 5G Black


Available 4 to 10 Days

EAN: 5210029082320


If your smartphone means communication, entertainment, action, information, speed or all that together for you, the most important thing to do is to ensure its protection. Ancus has created just for you the AutoFocus case with Ring Holder for a unique experience of 3 in 1. With excellent quality durable material that protects your phone around the perimeter after fully embracing both the back and the contour of the front . AutoFocus is Shock Proof protecting your phone even in the event of a fall. It is made of materials that do not wear out, no matter how demanding the use, while at the same time all the holes are designed with absolute precision to have free access to the camera, charging ports or headphones, etc. while there is a special housing at the side keys. protection that allows you to easily use them. The integrated metal ring on the back allows you to use it as a table support base while at the same time and due to its material, it is strongly magnetized in a corresponding magnetic car base, without you needing additional adhesive tapes and other accessories. . AutoFocus has a sophisticated design with solid lines and a great look highlighting your precious device.

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